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⬇️ The Good News ⬇️

Approvals & Labels

NICE work; Pfizer lands NHS approval for rare cardiac disease drug
Small molecule, rare disease, cardiomyopathy - Read more

Regeneron, Sanofi score FDA priority review for new Dupixent indication
Antibody, chronic rhinosinusitis - Read more

Medtronic’s cardiac med device lands Japanese approval
Pulsed field ablation, atrial fibrillation, medical device - Read more

Guardant Health has FDA adcomm for colorectal cancer screening
Colorectal cancer, disease screening - Read more

Business Development

Takeda secures licensing options for AC Immune’s Alzheimer’s initiatives
$100M upfront, $2.1B biobucks
Antibody, mAb, Alzheimer’s - Read more

Sanofi secures ex-US rights to Fulcrum’s muscular dystrophy treatment
$80M upfront, $975M biobucks + future royalties
Small molecule, facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy - Read more

Clinical Trials

Cardurion nails Phase 2a primary endpoint
Small molecule, heart failure - Read more

Cytokinetics struts positive top-line Phase 3 data, though questions remain
Small molecule, heart failure - Read more

Novo Nordisk hits Phase 3a endpoints for hemophilia A treatment
Bispecific antibody, hemophilia A - Read more

Cytokinetics’ Ph3 data is so good, they’re already prepping their commercial launch
Small molecule, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - Read more [Paywall]

Earnings & Finances

Roche’s posts astronomical Vabysmo sales, eating away at Regeneron’s share
Global Vabysmo sales: $933 million, 108% YoY increase
Antibody, mAb, AMD, Edema - Read more


NewVale Capital raises $165M fund (oversubscribed)
Life science services, CDMO, CRO, logistics - Read more

May Health $25M Series B
Medical device, PCOS-related infertility - Read more

CereVasc $70M Series B
Medical device, normal pressure hydrocephalus - Read more

Ajax Therapeutics $95M Series C
Small molecule, myeloproliferative neoplasms, cancer - Read more

Lycia Therapeutics $106.6M Series C
Small molecule, protein degraders, autoimmune, inflammatory - Read more

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⬇️ The Good News (cont’d) ⬇️


Sanofi, Pfizer, AstraZeneca all bolstering France-based operations
€1.87B ($2.03B) total investment
Manufacturing, R&D - Read more

Market Reports

340B Drug Discount Program grow with no end in sight
340B sales in 2023: $124.1B (wholesale acquisition cost), 16.5% YoY
340B, discount drugs - Read more

Mergers & Acquisitions

OnKure and Reneo proposed merger with a $65 million private investment in public equity
Small molecule, breast cancer - Read more


After sluggish Humira biosimilar launch, Boehringer partners with Quallent Pharmaceuticals (Cigna subsidiary)
Antibody, biosimilar, autoimmune - Read more

Senseonics and Rimidi partner on remote patient monitoring
Medical device, diabetes - Read more

Abbvie and Gilgamesh partner on “neuroplastogens” R&D
$65M, $1.95B options + milestones
Psychedelics, small molecule, psychiatry - Read more

Product Launches

ArcScan surgical device lands Chinese NMPA approval
Eyecare, myopia, ophthalmology - Read more 

Strategic Plans

Pfizer makes direct-to-consumer move, registers trademark
Direct to consumer - Read more

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⬇️ The Bad News ⬇️

Clinical Trials

Merck & Co. drops Ph3 skin cancer trial due to adverse side effects
Antibody, melanoma - Read more [Paywall]

Bristol Myers Squibb’s Ph3 lung cancer trial misses endpoint
Antibody, lung cancer, chemoradiotherapy - Read more

Shionogi Covid-19 treatment misses Ph3 endpoint
Antiviral, Covid-19 - Read more


QuidelOrtho reduces workforce by 5%, 500 employees
Covid-19 testing, diagnostics - Read more

Mergers & Acquisitions

Johnson & Johnson says goodbye to Kenvue spin-off, cutting ties via “debt-for-equity” exchange worth $3.75B
Consumer healthcare - Read more

⬇️ The Ugly News ⬇️

Politics & Policy

WuXi AppTec refutes accusations as BIOSECURE saga continues
USA-China relations, biopharma manufacturing - Read more

WHO misses pandemic response agreement deadline, but vows to continue working
Pandemic response, international cooperation - Read more [Paywall]


Ouch! Megadyne recalls pediatric electrodes after burn reports
Medical device, pediatrics - Read more

Tandem Diabetes Care recalls insulin pump iPhone app over glitch
Insulin pump, medical device, diabetes - Read more


US CMS proposes health data access changes, some researchers not happy
Health data, medical research - Read more [Paywall maybe]

Biosimilars time to shine 🤑

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and a wave of pharma patent expiries are causing revenue panic amid big pharma.

One section that’s celebrating though? Biosimilars.

These and other factors are spelling a bright future ahead for expanded biosimilar adoption in the USA.

Read more here.

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